WINMAU Dart Hauptkatalog 2018

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WINMAU Dart katalog 2018
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Our Group is the largest manufacturer of premium bristle dartboards and military grade tungsten darts in the world. Winmau is the most televised dart brand in the world and our dartboards are exclusively used at the BBC and ESPN televised Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships and Winmau World Masters. Our dartboards are exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation (the founding body of darts worldwide) and have been for over 35 years.

Winmau is a truly global company and we export to over 70 countries worldwide. Winmau has been established for over 65 years and we are one of the most pro-active darts companies in terms of product innovation and marketing. The Winmau World Masters are the oldest major Championships in World darts. Our Championship dartboards comply to World Darts Federation specifications.

Winmau is the brand of choice of leading darts organisations worldwide including the UK, South Africa, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Turkey and the Philippines.

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WINMAU Hauptkatalog 2018

Our in-house design team will help you design and produce your customised darts products using our considerable manufacturing experience and expertise. Winmau can assist you with any customised project as we have our own fully integrated manufacturing facility. You will also benefit from innovative new products as part of our continuous research and development policy.

WINMAU Hauptkatalog 2018

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