unicorn Book of Darts Haupt- Katalog 2008

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unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2008
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unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2008

LISTENING. To your comments, the good and the not so good
THINKING. Every day, how to serve you better
LEARNING. A driven thirst for knowledge, new ideas for you
WINNING. More tournaments around the World,
Team Unicorn players using Unicorn products
And now Unicorn gives you more choice to personalise the finest, most comprehensive
range of darts equipment that is Unicorn 2008. Our focus is performance on the oche,
promoted all over the World.
Team Unicorn has strength in depth ? we welcome 10 new members in this Book of Darts.
The Unicorn TV footprint generates in excess of 4,000 hours of Unicorn branding, exposed
globally on TV more than any other brand.
Listen to Sid Waddell & Russ Bray on Sky TV, see the Contenders gang up on the
opposition, admire the Maestros, always on song and watch Phil Taylor, John Lowe,
John Part & Bob Anderson, Champions of the World.
Unicorn has been The Big Name In Darts for over 70 years.
Now enjoy the broader choice, feel the quality of Unicorn 2008
developed with the close cooperation of Team Unicorn
and feedback from dart players around the World.
Your way is our way. Join us for success, let us show you why we are

unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2008


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