unicorn Book of Darts Haupt- Katalog 2010

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unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2010
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unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2010

Every player aspires to it. So few achieve it.
Now we welcome Raymond van Barneveld and Anastasia Dobromyslova
to that most exclusive of clubs, Team Unicorn World Champions.
Welcome to Unicorn 2010, the Epitome of Endeavour. All masterfully crafted to focus
on your every darting need.
Fancy a shot at the title? Focus on AUTHENTIC (pages 4-15 & 32-41) the exclusive choice of Team Unicorn
Your Hero with a twist? Focus on SIGNATURE (pages 16-19 & 42-45) for Team Unicorn trickle down technology
Cutting edge Alpha darter? Focus on SPECIALIST (pages 20-27 & 46-51) for feature rich unique innovation
Just the job! Focus on CORE (pages 28-30 & 52-53) for no nonsense naked engineering
License to Thrill? Focus on LICENSED (pages 63-71) for Enigmatic Variations
HERE COME THE GIRLS! Focus on darts to the power of SHE (pages 26-27 & 50-51)
Unicorn 2010. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the read. And when the readings
finished, focus on Team Unicorn on television. The Unicorn TV footprint
generates in excess of 4,500 hours of Unicorn branding, exposed
globally on TV more than any other brand.
Unicorn has been The Big Name in Darts for over 70 years.
Join us for success, let us show you why we are

unicorn Book of Darts Hauptkatalog 2010


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