Target Dart Katalog Prospekt - The Edition 2012 Supplement Vol.1

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Target Dart Katalog Prospekt - The Edition 2012 Supplement Vol.1
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Target THE EDITION Supplement VOL.1

About Target

We´ve been making darts for forty years now, and so we know a thing or two about them. Forty years of reliability, forty years of design, development and innovation, forty years bringing mould-breaking engineering vision and quality to the world of darts. We sponsor events and some of the World´s leading players on every continent, from the UK, through Europe and North America and throughout South East Asia and Japan.

At Target, we live and breathe darts. We think about them, we invent them, and we make them. We love the game, and the people that play it. We love the noise, the colour, the friendships, the laughter, the winning and the losing. Darts is what we do. It´s in our DNA.

Target prides itself on being a brand who consistently challenge the status quo to bring you revolutionary new designs, coatings and machining techniques, always underpinned by our lifetime barrel guarantee.

Our online presence through web and social media including Facebook and Twitter, with it s lively mix of competitions, feedback, product launches and news stories updated daily, attracts a loyal and growing following. You can find us at;

Darts Target Darts.
It´s in our DNA.

Target THE EDITION Supplement VOL.1

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